Improve your quality assurance
by analyzing DNA on-site

The qPCR hardware: a small, orange box.

In the emerging and accelerating craft beer market, product quality is essential. To address this, we provide you with a qPCR system that is accurate, reliable, and cost-efficient. We do this by offering a validated open-source solution.

Our solution allows you to source materials directly from suppliers, dropping costs significantly and enabling you to reach standards on a bio-molecular level.

The solution involves beer-specific assays, built on a revolutionary hardware platform by Quantabio, that give you the highest degree of scientific data while being completely transparent and in-house.

Data Collection

How It Works

Our straightforward workflow means that anyone can get started with qPCR.

  1. Collect sample
  2. Simultaneously extract DNA and purify sample
  3. Prepare master mix
  4. Load Q tubes and begin qPCR cycles
  5. Start immediate data analysis with the Q

What It Looks Like

Here's a few examples of beers on our system. Clean and Infected tests were run in duplicate to demonstrate reproducibility.

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Concentration (RFU)
Cycle #

Concentration (cells/mL)

General Yeast
Diastatic Yeast
None Detected
Brettanomyces and Wild Yeast
None Detected
General and Hop-Resistant
Lactobacillus and Pediococcus
None Detected

What's Included?

  • Complete qPCR Kit

    • Quantabio Q 4 channel, 48 well, magnetic induction MIC qPCR unit and software license
    • 35+ primer sets
    • MMB buffer and SYBR Green Fast Mix
    • Sample preparation equipment and Sartorius Tacta Pipettes
    • Consumables for all sample preparation
  • On-Site Set-Up & Training

    We'll come to you and handle...

    • all procurement of equipment and your first 300 reactions of consumables and reagents,
    • installation of software on your PC, and
    • training and qualification for your team members on our qPCR workflows. From sterile sample taking through to data interpretation, you and your team become experts in qPCR
  • Complete User Manual

    Including validated sample preparation protocols for yeast pitches, cooled wort, fermenting beer, crashed beer in fermenter pre-fining/fuging, fined/fuged beer, carbonated brite beer pre and post packaging, barrel aged beer from barrel, and yeast/bacteria colony from plate

  • Ongoing Support and Troubleshooting

    • Full support and troubleshooting (on site, by phone, email, or remote desktop)
    • New assays, updated protocols, and software updates

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