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"...Luckily, we were introduced to Midwest Microbio whose system offers us low per-sample costs, amazing tailored workflows for every beer and yeast sample imaginable, and unparalleled support. Seriously, these people are awesome. As a bonus, we've helped them refine their yeast slurry protocol, since PCR on yeast slurry is a bit of a pain. We would love to see more brewers using this system!"

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Escarpment Laboratories

Why should you trust our yeast? Quality control at Escarpment Labs.
Escarpment Laboratories

"What we like most about the product and the service is the level of accuracy we get from the results. We also have benefited immensely from having the ability to raise questions about problem bacteria we have encountered and the fact that Midwest Microbio will work together with us, instead of sending a white paper or trying to sell us a new product. In turn, those interactions have helped us to better analyze and implement corrective actions, and since we do a lot of R&D, add these notes to the development of new products."


Erika Gonzalez
Microbiology Technician, Octopi Brewing

"The addition of Midwest Microbio and their qPCR monitoring system has been a huge bright spot during an otherwise murky 2020. Utilizing their system has allowed Hinterland to bring advanced academic research tools for increasing production with faster analysis of brite beer and confidently extending our shelf life."

Hinterland Beer

Jacob Hornick, Ph.D.
Head Brewer/QA Manager, Hinterland Brewery

"...qPCR can be used not only to test for the presence of STA1+ and the promoter gene but also for how much of that DNA is present in the fluid. This means that breweries can ensure they are pitching the correct yeasts and that they haven’t mutated. If there is cross-contamination during fermentation, the brewery can detect it and save money by not dry-hopping or packaging the off-spec beer. Breweries also can use these qPCR tests at multiple points to help identify the source of an unwanted STA1+ contamination..."

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Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine: Brewing Industry Guide

Under the Microscope: Dealing with Diastaticus in the Brewhouse
Craft Beer & Brewing: Brewing Industry Guide

"This system is incredibly accurate and has an industry-leading detection threshold. It's great to be able to trust a system like this one. We have a lot of tanks and because of that we have to run a lot of micro tests so having a system that is cost effective was a priority for us when we were expanding our micro program."

"This system is as easy to use as I have come across. The rapid detection, combined with the wide range of spoilers that the system can detect, allows us to be sure the beer we produce is up to our world-class standards."

Fat Heads Brewery

Tynan Smith & Kelly Murphy
QC Manager & QC Specialist, Fat Head's Brewery

"Twin Arbor Labs, adopted the Midwest Microbio qPCR system to screen all types of craft beverages for spoilage microbes that have been the result of millions of dollars in product recalls and concerns for consumer safety. This system is easy to learn, and the Midwest Microbio team is there to support you 100% of the time, from system setup to data analysis. They have truly been amazing and have the best customer support and industry knowledge that have allowed us to support the beverage industry in providing the best quality data and integrity."

Twin Arbor

Shawn Richmond
Microbial Laboratory Director, Twin Arbor Labs

"As the leader in the Mobile Canning Industry, it is imperative for Iron Heart Canning to equip ourselves with the best tools for the job. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve the quality standards of our services. As a part of that push for innovation we recently took a big step and upgraded out our existing PCR system for a new qPCR unit from Midwest Microbio.

               The difference has been mind-blowing. Our previous system took hours to give us the most basic results. Now with the qPCR from Midwest Microbio, we can quickly test a wide variety of craft beverages for multiple microbial spoilers and receive quantifiable readouts.  The ability to check for a variety of common spoilers in about an hours’ time has been a game-changer in our laboratory workflow, and with the ability to verify our results, our confidence in this system is unmatched.

The team at Midwest Micro has gone above and beyond to support us in our pursuits and has provided us with all the documentation and resources needed to become experts in qPCR. Every day I’m grateful that we made the switch and all of us here at IHC can’t speak highly enough about this unit and the renewed partnership with this organization."

IronHeart Canning Co

Zachary Brazle
Iron Heart Quality Manager

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