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Midwest MicrobioHouse-Strain YeastWild YeastBacteriaGeneSpecific LactobacillusSpecific PediococcusAcetic Acid Producing BacteriaCER AssaySTA+ AssayBRETT ALL AssayHOR ABC AssayBRETT 1 AssayBRETT 2 AssayBRETT 3 AssayBRETT 4 AssayLAP AssayL. Aceto AssayL. Fruct AssayL. Rham AssayL. Del AssayL. Brevis AssayUniversal AssayMAP AssayLACH AssayPD AssayCAN AssayWIK AssayPAS AssayAAB AssayALE AssayCalifornia AleLondon AleSTP AssayZYG RXII AssayZYG KOMB AssayGLUC ACE AssaySAC LUD AssayKMG HAN AssayKMG GEN AssayADHA AssayP. Aeru AssayBAC GEN AssayHitA GeneAtpD GeneARC GeneBCOAG AssayOENI AssayHARB Assay

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